Major: Political Science/History
Creator and Central Pole of the Comic

Will is the main character of Dunn Boyz and the real-life creator of the comic. He is currently a Junior PoliSci/History double major at Texas A&M with the rest of the Boyz in Dunn Hall.

Major: Economics
Suitemate, Best Bud, etc.

Micah was Will's roommate back in the Spring of '01 and one of his best friends in college. He is a video game elite with a taste for RPGs and fighting games.

Major: Biology
Resident Anime Fan and Game Master

Brian is a sophomore and Lee's roommate. As Micah is a master of video games, Brian is the master of the table tops. D&D, Warhammer, you name it. He is also aspiring artistically and hopes to publish his own comic one day.

Major: Chemistry
New Roommate and Adopted Dunn Boy

Jesse is Will's new roommate but has been a friend of Brian's for almost 2 years. He is the newest Dunn Boy so he'll be around.

Major: Education
Resident Ass And Assorted

Matt is Micah's roommate and the "asshole" of the group. But he is a compassionate asshole. He's loud, brutal, but in the end endearing.

Major: Environmental Design
Architect and the Man With the Money

Lee is a childhood friend of Will's, a former roommate, and Brian's current roommate. He likes to design and build things, which comes to bite us in the butt from time to time.

Major: Business of some kind
Original Dunn Boyz Character and Bud

While not a Dunn Boy, Beau is one of the original characters. He lived with Will in McFadden Dorm during the summer and thus, got a place.

Major: Ag Journalism
Majoring in Ag Journalism...of His Own Free Will?

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